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  The Spring Festival is supposed to be a time of family reunion and national celebration, but this year's Spring Festival is a bit heavy for everyone. All these are caused by pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection which broke out recently in Wuhan and even all over the country!


  At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is very serious. However, some people (especially the middle-aged and elderly) think that they are in good health, or they won't touch people in Wuhan, so they don't pay attention to the epidemic caused by the virus infection, have no awareness of prevention, love visiting as usual, and don't wear a mask when going out. But the fact tells us that the new coronavirus is not only human to human, but also animal to human. The epidemic situation in Wuhan is caused by "wild game" in a game market, so it is not as simple as not contacting with the foreign population to be sure not to be infected with the new coronavirus.


  Friends and relatives, we can let Wuhan close the city; all temple fairs in Beijing are cancelled; all new year's movies are off the shelves; Wuhan has established a hospital in the form of "Xiaotangshan mountain"; the whole country is on alert, and the epidemic situation in 100 cities and empty lanes must be more serious than we think. Data shows that by 13:26 on January 25, 2020, 1336 cases have been confirmed, 1965 suspected, 38 cured and 41 died. In Fujian Province, 10 cases have been confirmed and 4 cases are suspected.


  At 9:12 a.m. on January 25, 2020, Liang Wudong, the head of Otolaryngology Department of Hebei integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, also died in Wuhan Jinyintan hospital due to the infection of new coronavirus pneumonia. How sad that he was 62 years old! www.zuowenla.cn


  Friends and relatives, even doctors with full arms will be infected with the virus. How can ordinary people like us not protect more?


  As the poem of fighting against pneumonia in the Spring Festival Gala says, "keeping yourself free from infection is your greatest contribution to fighting the epidemic. You are safe, 1.4 billion people are safe, and the epidemic will be destroyed! "


  Family, friends, let's go out less, wear masks, take good care of our bodies, cheer for Wuhan, cheer for China!








  Year after year, day after day, the Spring Festival is coming. But this Spring Festival is unforgettable!


  Recently, a new type of coronavirus has emerged in Wuhan, which has spread to the whole country like plague. The infection speed is very fast. Many experts are cracking the virus, and great progress has been made. Now we can only hide at home so as not to be infected with the virus. I think back to the previous Spring Festival, when everyone was bustling, red and fiery, and relatives and friends gathered together for the Spring Festival Gala, but now everyone can only stay at home. Try to go out less, in order to better prevent cross infection of the virus.


  A few days later, more and more people were killed by the virus, but fortunately, those doctors who were unknown and devoted to the motherland. Finally, we quickly developed a method to identify the new coronavirus. We hope that they can quickly develop drugs that can cure the disease, so that people can return to work, life and study, and people in foreign countries can return home and gather with their relatives and friends. I want to say to the doctors, "thank you for your hard work!" As a teenager, I try my best to help them when the motherland is in danger. I use my new year's money to buy some masks, goggles, alcohol medical supplies. Donate to hospitals or those in need.


  "It's not a day's work." I believe that the people of the whole country will never give up and persist in fighting the disease. I hope that the next spring festival will bring peace and prosperity to the motherland.



  Because of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, our Spring Festival Gala ushered in the first program without rehearsal for the first time. Six hosts wrote a manuscript temporarily and contributed their own strength to the war without gunpowder smoke with their own actions, and sent encouragement and blessings to people running in the front line


  Not only medical staff, but also people from all walks of life have contributed their little to the fight against the epidemic: even though it is inconvenient to travel now, no one has complained about it. Many entrepreneurs, stars and overseas Chinese are donating money to some serious epidemic areas. They have donated materials and materials, which are then transported to the serious epidemic areas by specially assigned trucks.


  For example, in Wuhan, the trucks transporting goods and materials are boxes of goods and materials. On each truck, a banner is hung with the words "Wuhan refuels".


  Some mask factories work overtime and recall all employees in an emergency to produce disposable masks. Even during the new year, the enterprise proposed to pay double wages, so as to make more masks, which can provide us more and provide medical staff with a guarantee.


  Only in the face of disaster can we show the true character of Chinese people: no fear of sacrifice, go forward bravely, unite and unite as one. We express our determination with actions. No matter how big the difficulties and challenges, we will do it! China will do it!



  The Spring Festival is a festival that everyone loves. The whole country is very busy. Every family is busy, buying new year's products, making dumplings, pasting couplets, etc. And in the happy atmosphere of this family, the virus takes advantage of the situation.


  The novel coronavirus was the most serious virus found at the end of 2019. But its arrival, let us greatly disappointed, the bustling new year did not have the past bustling, should have reunited the family member to be broken by it.www.zuowenla.cn


  Now, the new virus is in a high incidence period, mainly in Wuhan. And related to the surrounding provinces and cities, there are tens of thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths. The new virus exists not only in China, but also in 23 other countries.


  The novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV is the name of the virus. The virus can spread through respiratory droplets. The infection of the elderly will be more serious. According to experts, the main source of infection is a contact with a wild animal, the Chinese chrysanthemum bat. The virus has a latent period of about 14 days, and there is still contagion in the incubation period.


  Human viruses are infectious diseases caused by viruses that can parasitize and reproduce in human body and cause disease. In order to prevent us from being infected by the virus, we should pay attention to the following items: 1. Open doors and windows regularly for ventilation. 2. vaccination. 3. Develop good hygiene habits. 4. Exercise more. 5. Life should be regular. 6. Pay attention to the details of clothes and food. 7. Don't shy away from medical treatment. 8. Don't go out. Wear a mask.


  Novel coronavirus strain was successfully isolated from the Key Laboratory of the National Key Laboratory of the national health and Health Committee of China, Li Lanjuan, member of the Chinese Academy of engineering and National Health Protection Committee of the high level expert group in January 28th.


  So, we should stay away from the virus now. I don't know that our delicate action will make the staff on the front line fall short. But in recent days, I found that there are many more cases in China, which makes me very upset. I'm afraid the staff on the front line can't tell.


  Fight against the virus, from me. The fight against the virus is not about one person, or two people, but about all of us. On the contrary, we should be more like ourselves and let everyone look like me.


  I believe that we will win the victory of the base station of the virus. Come on!



  In 2020, we have officially entered the 1920s of the 21st century. We have undoubtedly grown up since we bid farewell to the decade. But the new year has arrived, and the days when the relatives had a happy party and were full of laughter and laughter are full of haze.


  Novel coronavirus is jittery in the beginning of 2020. The unexpected death of basketball superstar Kobe and her beloved daughter is one disaster after another, which makes people lose their expectation for 2020.www.zuowenla.cn


  Many people have written "2020, but the year I dreamed many years ago" on social networking sites, which shows that everyone has been disappointed in 2020, which seems to be quite different from their ideal 2020.


  But... There is disappointment, there will be greater hope.


  This Spring Festival let me know academician Zhong Nanshan, let me see his academic spirit, understand his great contribution to China, he was in the first line of anti SARS in 2003, and now he is 84 years old, he is still in the first line of anti SARS, which let me understand the profound meaning of "the old hero is in the limelight, ambitious". This Spring Festival, Grandpa Zhong Nanshan taught me a lot


  This spring festival also made me feel the solidarity and friendship of the Chinese people. On many social software, under the real-time situation of the epidemic from the official account, someone will always comment: "come on, Wuhan, China." Maybe it's just a small move by commentators, but it's enough to move people's hearts. Every day, there will be a lot of news about donations and materials, which shows that the Chinese people are trying to make the most contribution to the country, pay attention to the epidemic situation all the time, and hope that their mother's health can be restored as soon as possible.


  This Spring Festival made me understand that the dedication to the country doesn't care about the size, but the intention. I saw the notice posted by each village, asking people not to eat together and not to go out. I saw the circle of friends sent by relatives, all of which were helpless to squat at home, but also included the hope of the country to control the epidemic. See, how can the people have no effect if they follow the direction of the state, don't eat together, don't go out and unite as one?


  This year's winter vacation is not as cold as the previous two years, there is no snow, it is a warm winter, but the rainy days are very long, but finally it turns back to a sunny day, sunny, so that the earth is full of life.


  It is believed that this epidemic will be like the weather, sunny after rain and finally sunny. What's more, it's hard to start everything. Although the beginning of 2020 is not so beautiful, the next days in 2020 will be full of joy and everyone will be surrounded by happiness.


  Finally, I hope you can come to Wuhan and China







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