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  Dear doctors, uncles and aunts


  First of all, I wish you a happy New Year! Good health, happy family!


  I am an ordinary third grade primary school student, although you may not see my letter, but I still want to thank you! Thank you for bringing us a strong sense of happiness in this cold winter.


  Novel coronavirus is a little bit unknown to me. Although I know little about the word "death", I seem to have a little understanding of the seriousness of this matter from the look of father and mother. I also know that it is a pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus, because the way of virus infection is mainly through the droplets between people. So our family doesn't even visit during the Spring Festival. We stay at home every day to protect ourselves from causing you trouble. Happiness is the unity of one mind. Everyone has to bear their own social responsibility.


  At this critical moment, thank you for running to the "battlefield" first in order to protect our health and safety, playing your super medical skills in the place where the virus is most rampant, facing the virus that ordinary people can't escape, and the God of death snatching the life of patients. I hope you can eliminate the virus force as soon as possible, just as Altman defeats the little monster, huluwa destroys the scorpion and snake spirit, and police chief black cat catches "one ear". Novel coronavirus vaccine, which is running round the clock, is a great help for our health. It will help us recover our life as soon as possible. Happiness is your "retrograde" and strong guard. www.zuowenla.cn


  You have conquered the virus fortress for our life and health in front of us to ensure that we can spend the Spring Festival safely; we have followed the doctor's advice to celebrate the new year behind you and cooperate with you to win the war without smoke of gunpowder as soon as possible. Happiness is that all the people of the country are united in their hearts and minds and work together to fight against the virus.


  On the road of happiness, there are brave warriors like you, the support of our ordinary people, and the strong support of our mother country. In the face of the epidemic campaign and all the challenges in the future, I believe that as long as we are united, we will surely be able to cross the barrier that blocks our happy life and build happiness together.


  Finally, I hope my dear doctors, uncles and aunts, when you treat patients and study viruses, you must do a good job of protection, pay attention to rest, eat three meals a day on time, drink more milk and fruit like me, and keep your body healthy! This brings










  In 2020, this number was in the era of full sense of technology before. I believe that in the past, countless children wrote in their compositions, "in 2020, cars can fly in the sky and navigate in the water; there are intelligent robots at home..." These unrealistic imagination at that time. Although none of this will be achieved in 2020, it will definitely present a scene of this technology in the near future.


  This year is also an extraordinary year. Every family is locked up. There are countless convenience stores and markets. There is almost no one on the road. In the intensive care unit of the hospital, there are sick patients. The weather is always rainy. Yes, it's a terrible disease in our country. All the reasons are novel coronavirus, many people died. The most serious disease is Wuhan, where Mao Zedong was loved by East Lake. However, it is also because of the outbreak of this virus that I saw the courage and unyielding of our Chinese people and the encouragement to countless compatriots. In one report and one video, there are many unknown netizens commenting on "come on Wuhan, come on China", "my city is just sick. When it gets better, I will take you to Wuda to see cherry blossom, take you to Zhiyin, take you to Hankou river beach by ferry" Those touching words inspired Wuhan and Wuhan people; the best medical team stood in the front line of disease resistance. I saw a report that said, "can't I?" said the patient lying on the bed with a respirator However, in order to reassure the people who suffered from the disease, the doctor wore heavy protective clothing and held the patient's hand tightly. Everyone will feel unprecedented fear when they experience death. It's the same at this critical time. www.zuowenla.cn


  The attack of the virus caught everyone by surprise. I wanted to have a good rest in the Spring Festival, but it made people all over the country nervous. Many angels in white give up their Spring Festival holiday to go to Wuhan, which is not only the importance of national life, but also an experience of saving lives. Many apps that record life send out a video that touches Chinese people. The message recommended by the browser on the mobile phone is about the virus: "Taiwan Red Cross donated 200000 yuan to the mainland", "9692 cases of new pneumonia were confirmed nationwide, and the death rate increased to 213 cases" This virus, sometimes sent exciting news, sometimes news, but the heart sad. The harm of this virus is self-evident.


  Although suffering from the virus, the Spring Festival is still a happy day for reunion. More families choose to stay at home and enjoy the joy of family reunion. Even if they don't go out, they can feel the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival. In fact, the Spring Festival should be like this. Also take advantage of this opportunity to let more families enjoy a wonderful spring festival in the context of a happy reunion.


  Spring Festival reunion happy mood, such as fireworks on the sky, extremely gorgeous, but it is not the only bunch. Home is the most warm harbor, is our heart's belonging.

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